Effective Altruism UCT Posts

  • AI Safety & Alignment Talk at the Deep Learning Indaba 2022

    The Deep Learning Indaba is the annual meeting of the African machine learning community with the mission to Strengthen African Machine Learning. EA UCT helped organise for Fazl Barez to give a introductory talk on AI Safety and Alignment at the 2022 edition of the conference.

  • Vacation Program

    We ran a very successful condensed 4-Week Intro Fellowship that we opened up to students from universities all across South Africa. There was a lot of interest, and we managed to accept ~40 of the ~50 students that applied.

  • Consulting Case Competition with the UCT Consulting Club

    We collaborated with the UCT Consulting Club for the 2022 Case Competition. Entering this competition gave prospective/aspiring consultants the chance to work in teams on a realistic case under the mentorship of consultants. The case theme is based on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.