Essential Resources for Exploring Effective Altruism

  1. EA Virtual Programs - Discover how to engage with Effective Altruism virtually through Effective Altruism’s Virtual Programs.
  2. 80,000 Hours Job Board - Explore career opportunities that make a difference on the 80,000 Hours Job Board.
  3. EA Forum - Join the discussion and connect with the community on the Effective Altruism Forum.
  4. TED Talks on Effective Altruism - Gain insights into the movement’s core ideas through TED Talks by Will MacAskill and Peter Singer on the most important moral problems of our time and the why and how of Effective Altruism, respectively.
  5. Connect with us We strongly believe in quality engagement and as a comm would be happy to share some time to chat more personally about these things. Feel free to fill in this interest form and we’ll get back to you to organise a meetup. Don’t be shy!

Inspiring Stories from the Effective Altruism Movement

Julia Wise and Jeff Kaufman: Living on Less, Giving More

Julia Wise and Jeff Kaufman are a testament to personal sacrifice for the greater good. Their decision to live on a fraction of their income to donate the majority to effective charities showcases the profound impact personal commitments can have.

Dr. Toby Ord: A Lifetime Commitment

The story of Dr. Toby Ord, founder of “Giving What We Can,” exemplifies how individual decisions to prioritize altruism can inspire global movements, challenging us to reconsider our lives and the causes which we prioritise. Some ways of spending our lives are thousands of times better for others and thinking about this can lead us to helpful conclusions. See 80000 hours for more.

The Against Malaria Foundation: Saving Lives with Simplicity

The work of the Against Malaria Foundation demonstrates how targeted, evidence-based interventions like providing insecticidal nets can prevent suffering and death on a massive scale, embodying the core principles of Effective Altruism.