EA UCT's first ever introductory fellowship!

This fellowship was run over 7 weeks and introduced fellows to the philosophy, past successes, and resources that inform EA and its work. The program included weekly readings and a discussion with 3-5 other fellows, facilitated by one of our experienced members. Fellows gained up-to-date insight into the global priorities and focus areas of the EA community, and an impressive experience to leverage later in your careers. Our syllabus was adapted from successful EA programs run at top universities like Oxford, Stanford and Harvard.

EA UCT Fellowship

An important part of this initiative, for us, was to carfully taylor the syllabus to be more apropriate to an audience from South Africa. Most EA fellowships have been traditinally run in relativly wealthy countries where it can be expected that most participants have excess wealth to donate. In South Africa, on the other hand, that is not the case for everyone that attends the University. Some students come from poor households and do not have excess wealth to donate. Therefore some reccomendations in standard EA fellowships can be inapropriate. Instead we focus on more suitable content such as choosing an effective career.

Week 3